Largest selection of dashing, dried & decorative aggregates

in stock in Wales

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Wales Aggregates and Dashing has been at the site in Bridgend for over 25 years. During this time it has expanded organically and now has the widest range of decorative aggregates, pebble dashing and dried aggregates in stock in Wales. With over 30,000 bags in stock at any one time we have a huge range of products to assist with your landscape projects, resin bonded applications and pebble dashing contracts which are available for immediate collection.

Being part of Derbyshire Aggregates Group all of our products are come via either our main production facility in Derbyshire or the specialist welsh slate production unit in North Wales.

At our Arbor Low plant in Derbyshire we have custom processing equipment where we can wash, dry, screen, crush and bag aggregates to a variety of sizes and specifications. This together the range of minerals that we have available from worldwide sources and technical expertise, we can assist with the specific requirements for your project.

Slate has become one of the most popular materials to be used on landscaping projects at present times due to its durability and beautiful colours available. At our production unit in Port Penrhyn North Wales we produce an unrivalled range of welsh slate products including monoliths, holloliths, water features and walling having the capability to cut and drill unique pieces of welsh slate to bespoke one off features. There are also on site bagging facilities so we can offer a range of bagged slates which are officially classed as recycled materials due to being a by product of welsh roof slate manufacture.


Wales Aggregates and Dashing in Bridgend has recently undergone an extensive renovation and now has:–

  • An external display area showing over 30 different landscaping aggregates that are available from stock in bulk and maxi bags.
  • Dashing sample panels showing the different dashing aggregates as a finish to an external wall. Over 40 different dashing aggregates in stock and available for collection immediately.
  • An internal display showing the range of colours and materials that can be used as a resin bonded system.
  • Access to an extensive aggregates library to help specific technical requirements.